Class Sizes

Many martial arts schools manage to squeeze 30 - 40 or more students into a small hall with only one relatively inexperienced instructor to teach. Our seniors classes are kept quite small with the average class size being around 10 students. Our Junior class sizes tend to average around 20 students.

Karate Do

We train at Newlands in a great hall with superb matted floors and good ventilation that is perfectly suited for Karate.

At Prestwood we again have a fully matted Dojo in an excellent village hall.

The advantage of small class sizes is obvious. You get much closer supervision and much more direct instruction compared to a class were 30 or more students practice. In large classes the instructor will not be able to correct, supervise and instruct everyone to the same degree as in small classes.

Large classes also often demand a military-style of discipline to keep things in order, which can be stressful for students and instructors alike.

Smaller classes automatically tend to be more relaxed and focused on enjoying the experience rather than to "somehow get through training".