Senior Karate Training

Seniors Karate Sparring

The movements in Karate develop co-ordination and timing while increasing strength and flexibility. Students train at their own pace as they develop, but find that with the positive atmosphere the training will Reduce Stress and Build Confidence, and greatly improve fitness.

The foundation of Karate is its self-defence value. Students learn to respect the ability that they have, to know that the only appropriate place for Karate is at the Karate club, practicing at home, or in a self-defence situation.

Seniors Karate Sparring

Grading sessions are available every 4 months for those students who are ready to grade and are taken at our Newlands Dojo.

The awarding of higher level belts will give the student a sense of achievement and accomplishment. As Karate is a self paced activity your development rate is dependent upon your own training.

The training for the grading evaluations and passing them, enhances the students ability to concentrate, and succeed in their goal.

This is an excellent lesson in life, not just in the Dojo.

Seniors Karate Sparring

We find that as the students train in this disciplined Martial Art, where Dojo Courtesy is very high on our priorities, their Self Confidence and Self Discipline rapidly improves.

Our philosophy is to teach youngsters basic values, such as respect for themselves and others, through Karate training, goal setting, and goal achievement.

You will gain self-confidence from learning different skills and from positive reinforcement from South Bucks Karate instructors.

Our students also develop a sense of respect for themselves and their own health, which will aid them in the future.