United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation


The South Bucks Karate Academy is a full members of the United Kingdom All Style Karate Organisation which is run by World renown 9th Dan Shukokai Karate Instructor Hanshi, Roy Stanhope.

We chose to join U.K.A.S.K.O. because of its support for our club, plus we receive excellent member to member insurance as well as professional indemnity to the tune of £2million through them.

Each instructor is fully insured and qualified with U.K.A.S.K.O.

We also receive no interference or political garbage. We are allowed to get on with the teaching of karate, without being pushed into things.

U.K.A.S.K.O. is an extremely friendly group of clubs with many of the clubs getting together on a regular basis to train together. There are also many inter club competitions as reported regularly on the U.K.A.S.K.O. web site.

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