Fitness to Start

There is no pressure to be fit, as you work at your own pace or as hard or easy as you want.

Karate Do

We start the class with a good warm up and stretch so you will be ready for the training that follows.

Karate training will provide you with the skills necessary, such as improved flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle strength and muscle tone, not to mention fat loss. You will notice an improvement with each class.

I often hear concerns such as "I have no coordination, I am not flexible enough, I am not fit enough", but remember, you train to get fit. You don't need to get fit to train.

You won’t develop a "Karate muscle". Karate training exercises almost every muscle of your body.

Will you be sore after your first ever Karate training session? Most likely! But this is completely normal for any exercise activity that you're not used to. It would equally apply to Dancing or to your first ever round of Golf!